Saturday, September 1, 2007


Friday as I said, I slept in. Just kinda milled about until three at which time I went to meet my advisor.

It was all theatre kids, about ten of us. I knew one kid: Rafie, he was also in my mentor group. He was the only other Adler. Basically my advisor wasn't there because he is in Europe doing something theatrical at the moment so Scott, the director of all things special (minoring, double majoring, study abroad,etc) was our sub. He was actually the guy to audition me. Turns out he was in the theatre program (Playwright's Horizon) and he had lotsa good info for people such as moi. We kinda just talked about credits and stuff and then got some info and took a mini tour of the Tisch building.
I met up with the girls at the NYU Starbucks and I got a milkshake things and this super disgusting looking green smoothie. It is supposed to be good for you and since I haven't been 100% I thought I would try it. First off I really shouldn't have read the ingredients. It has barley grass, wheat grass, blue green algae, sprulina, spinach, broccoli, and some werid things I'd never seen before. So I downed about half of it before I felt like I was going to puke. But later that night I did feel better, whether it was from the smoothie or not I'll never be able to tell.

When I came back to the dorm I cut out some black and white pictures from this photography book that Lindsay has. She is cutting some out to post in the common room. I also cut out some magazine clippings to put inside my desk. I'm going to post the pictures somewhere in my room leaving room for my marilyn banner and two pinups. Actually I think I want my other pin ups too to put in the common room.

Then we ordered some pizza and just played some games until abou eleven. I then popped in season two of That 70's Show and watched the episodes I haven't seen.

So my room def needs a orange gossamer or something to put over the closet and something for my blinds. But other than that I'm happy.

So I have a lot of little things to do today. I'm really not looking forward too. Actually I don't really have to leave the dorm today. There is an ice cream social down in the courtyard tonight and I have pizza from last night for dinner so I think I'll just go out for some tape to start on putting fashion ads up in the common room.
Upcoming events:
-I scheduled four of us free makeovers at a private event at Sephora on the 8th.
-Gould Plaza Picnic this Monday, watching the cast of Spring Awakening perform.
-On the 23rd we go to Broadway Cares, a huge flea market and stand in line to get Bernadette Peter's autograph
-Crazy Adler schedule next week. Master class after master class after oreintation after oreintation
-On the weeked of the 14th I bought tickets to the Harold Clurman Arts Festival. It's a three day theatre extravaganza in which I get to sit at a talk with Edward Albee. Yes the Edward Albee
-Go home for the last weekend of September? I kinda really want to.

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